Snacks and the City

Snacks and the City is a monthly networking meeting for initiatives from Weimar's civil society, which always takes place on the last Friday of the month.
Although Weimar's civil society is very diverse and consists of numerous initiatives, some of which have been established for a long time, they tend to operate independently of each other. One reason for this is that civil society work is strenuous, is mostly based on voluntary work and has to rely on limited resources. There is often a lack of time and capacity for additional tasks, such as strategies for cooperation. Collaboration could provide long-term relief and significantly increase the effectiveness of individual or joint projects.
With Snacks and the City, we are creating a platform for (better) networking in Weimar's civil society! Let's work together to increase mutual and external visibility and remove the barriers to cooperation.
We provide the organization, space, material and snacks. The content of the format will be developed together with the participating initiatives and individuals and a space for exchange between the initiatives will be created. Especially in times of social crisis and uncertainty, it is essential to talk to each other, to use the few resources available in a targeted and collaborative way and to develop joint strategies for a sustainable society.
Snacks and the City is supported by the Local Action Plan Weimar.

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