Do you want to implement a project or start-up with a focus on the common good in Weimar and its surroundings? Take advantage of the Ideenstipendium offered by Stadtverwicklung and become part of the future of your city! The Ideenstipendium is aimed at individuals or groups who...
...have ideas with positive social and/or ecological impacts.
...want to implement socially innovative financing/organizational models.
...aim to sustain their common-good-oriented ideas in the long term.

What does the Ideas Scholarship offer to you?

Individual consultations and process support.

In one-on-one consultations, we work together with you to identify your goals and needs, providing continuous support in the development of your project. Drawing upon our knowledge gained from our own experiences in founding ventures and our diverse network, we search for additional content and offerings that can be beneficial to you.

Mentoring circle

Every project is unique – for successful implementation, specific expert knowledge is often needed. That's why we organize a mentoring circle for each scholarship recipient, bringing together suitable industry specialists, experienced professionals, and other individuals with helpful knowledge to the table with you. In addition to immediate content support, valuable contacts are also established.


In regularly occurring workshops, we address topics that are relevant to the participants. We invite experts to contribute, and we benefit from the exchange among each other.


We regularly invite participants to exchange ideas on topics related to the implementation of common-good-oriented projects, enriched by substantive input. Practical information is provided, experiences are shared, and contacts are made.

Usage of premises

We provide you with workspaces and meeting rooms depending on availability.

How does the scholarship work

Initial conversation:

Schedule an introductory meeting with us, and we'll determine if we can offer you a spot in the Ideas Scholarship!

Process planning:

Together, we develop goals and milestones for your project! This way, we create tailored scholarships that can last up to a year.

Process guidance:

We support you during the project period with individual conversations, a mentoring circle, and tailored information.

Community offerings

A spot is reserved for you in our workshops and networking formats.


As a community, we celebrate your success with you!

We've piqued your interest? Then get in touch with us, we look forward to hearing about your idea! info[at]

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