What we do

The Stadtverwickung is a collective that has grown together through a shared vision for increased social, spatial, and ecological justice. We see ourselves as an active part of civil society that aims to advance socio-ecological change through our own projects. However, we are convinced that it takes united forces to make a difference. That's why we also support others in implementing projects oriented towards the common good - through our free programs or commissioned work for initiatives, municipalities, and private entities.
For us, oriented towards the common good means that projects contribute to our vision of a better society. This vision ensures political, material, and social participation for all people, addressing the ecological and social challenges of our time with solidarity, democratic, and sustainable solutions.
We aim to support and develop these solutions by advising, networking, and promoting projects oriented towards the common good, and by strengthening new forms of collaboration between civil society, administration, politics, business, and academia. Currently, the opportunities to contribute ideas and enforce interests are very unequal, and responsibilities are rigidly distributed - maintaining the status quo and hindering change.
Therefore, our response to these inequalities, untapped potentials, and the crises we must overcome is a new culture of participation. One that entangles societal spheres and actors, giving rise to ideas, projects, and collaborations that collectively contribute to a better life for all.

Communication & Participation

Cities, regions, neighborhoods, and spaces are there for the people who use them or live in them. Planning should therefore never operate in isolation from the people.
In this context, a distinction needs to be made between information, participation, and empowering individuals to take initiative. We engage in adaptive processes at all three levels, striving for inclusivity, constructive moderation of diverse interests, and designs that are appealing and tailored to specific target groups. To achieve this, we employ innovative and diverse methods, continuously evolving them. To adapt our living environment to the needs of people, productive collaboration between civil society and administration is crucial. That's why we focus on establishing sustainable interfaces between these spheres. We see ourselves as advocates for co-productive urban development.

Concept & strategy

We translate our vision of a better society and a new culture of participation into concrete usage and design concepts, as well as governance and financing models. In doing so, we combine orientation towards the common good with sustainability, ensuring that good projects benefit many in the long term. By promoting collaboration among different stakeholders on an equal footing, we harness synergies, dismantle hierarchies, and foster understanding. We leverage existing potentials and unique characteristics, open up new perspectives, and thus contribute to a cultural shift with concrete strategies.

Governance & Management

We understand what it means to organize good project management. It's a full-time job, and sometimes resources are simply lacking. You can commission us to take on this responsible task with a lot of experience and expertise.

Project Development & Coaching

Having good ideas for socio-ecological change and knowing exactly how to implement them? That's quite a demand. That's why we support initiatives in realizing their common-good-oriented ideas. We develop free programs that equip initiatives with a wealth of knowledge, from A like grant writing to Z like interim use. Additionally, we offer this knowledge in the form of workshops or lectures. We continuously evaluate our content in working with initiatives, refining our approach to provide tailored support and accompany socio-ecological change.

Research & Analysis

Our work is driven by grand visions and is simultaneously grounded in a scientific foundation. Our transdisciplinary background enables us to conduct multifaceted analyses, upon which we formulate forward-thinking concepts for our projects and for the endeavors of our partners. Scientific insights serve as guides for our practice and are also a vital resource for driving socio-ecological transformation. Therefore, we proactively seek scientific exchange, professional discussion, and collaboration with researchers and students.