Call for ideas: Your idea for Weimar West!

Present YOUR IDEAS for Weimar West and we will support you with a total of €30,000!

Apply now until May 17, 2024 and present at the Festival of Ideas on May 24!

Weimar West urgently needs ...

... a community garden? Raised beds in the courtyards? An active playground? A self-managed youth club that is also open at weekends? An open kitchen with a meeting café? A flea market and a makerspace? Or a neighborhood sheep?

Application by e-mail to

You are free to choose the format of your application. You can record a video, record your idea or describe it. The main thing is that we get an impression of what you want to achieve.

This should be the content of the application:

→ Please introduce yourself or your group.
→ Describe your idea.
→ What problem do you want to solve?
→ What do you need support with right now?

May 24 - Festival of Ideas
After you have registered, you will receive an invitation to the Festival of Ideas. There you can present your project and get to know other committed people.

Where? MGH Weimar West
When? Friday | 24.05. | 4 - 6 p.m.

In the coming months, we will support your project and develop it further in various workshops, network meetings and consultations so that it makes ecological sense and is profitable for everyone.

August 17 - Market of opportunities
At the district festival, a district jury decides which projects will be funded and with how much money. A total of €30,000 is available for all projects together and will be spent by the end of the year.